About Us

Intore Security Lab is an information security company that protects organisations through Offensive Security.

[ Red Teaming, Penetration testing, Application Security Assessment and Vulnerability assessment ]

How We Do It ?

Our methodology involves identifying network and system weaknesses, and later provides solutions for reducing these risks. This scanning can be performed for both Manual and Automated scanning.

Our Tests:

  • Are authorized and carried out by Skilled professionals using techniques that real-world attackers may use.
  • Demonstrates the weaknesses, how they can be exploited and importantly provides guidance on how to reduce the associated risks.
  • Help Organisations identify ability to respond to an incident.

Our Mission

With a core focus on Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, and Application security assessment, Our mission is to use the expertise of our Ethical Hackers by helping Governments, Institutions, small, medium, and big Companies by evaluating the security and identify vulnerabilities in systems, network or system infrastructure before the bad guys do.

We assure our customers peace of mind, with respect to the security of their Critical Information Assets.

Our Vision

Lead the world's fight on behalf of our customers and their customers to keep data and applications safe from cybercriminals.

To be a recognized leading information security provider in all sectors in Africa by promoting the benefit of Ethical Hacking and how they can use Ethical Hackers’ skills to identify weak points in their cyber defenses, provide valuable insights into the actions of their less ethical counterparts and create better, stronger and more resilient networks.

Our Executive Board

Kevin Nyawakira

CTO & Chief Hacking Officer

Jean Aime Mizero
Jean Aime MIZERO

Security Engineer

Dominique Bourra
Dominique BOURRA

VP Strategy

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About Us

Name: Intore Security Lab

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Services: Cyber Security Services - Application Security Assessment, Red Teaming, Internal/External Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Audit

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+(250)781693008 / (250)784438186

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